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Out and about

In your room you will find a folder containing details of the tourist attractions in and around the area, including Delft, The Hague/Kijkduin and Rotterdam.

BB MyGuest is only a short distance from the beach (7.5 km to Kijkduin) and the picturesque medieval town of Delft (8.5 km).
The village of Wateringen runs into the recreational area where the Zweth waterway runs, along and across which several walking and cycling paths can be found. These lead to the agricultural area known as the Midden Delfland where the meadows are rich in birds and flowers, allowing you to continue your walk, run or bicycle ride in the surrounding countryside should you so wish. Midden Delfland (Cittaslow Capitol of the Netherlands) is a typical Dutch landscape which has been preserved to provide easily accessible outdoor recreation facilities to those living in and between the cities of The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam. These three towns are all within easy reach from Wateringen be that by car, public transport or bicycle.